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2012 / 2013 Fishing Charter Season Wrap Up

snapper-safaris-fishing-chartersShout out to everyone who came & experienced their very own Snapper Safari! I’m sure you have plenty of fond memories from an enjoyable few days & will most certainly welcome another visit from you.

The season has been a pretty good one with mostly great weather and we’ve been able to hook some amazing fish over the last few months. From the beach we’ve pulled in plenty of fun fish, the likes of Australian Salmon, Snapper, Sharks and Mulloway.

From the boat we’ve caught countless Snapper, Nannygi, Kingfish, Blue Groper, Samson, Harlequin, Blue Fin Tuna, Australian Salmon, Sharks, Crayfish, Swallow tail, King George whiting and the sweet tasting Silver Whiting plus plenty of big hook ups which we never see due to their size.

Scotty shows off his large tuna catch
Scotty shows off his large tuna catch
Dave's tuna of equally epic proportions
Dave’s tuna of equally epic proportions

From the jetty it’s been another great year with hauls of massive squid and tommies plus kingfish, mulloway and sharks.

Fish size are Snapper 2-8kgs, Nannygi up to 5kgs, Kingfish to 45kgs, Samson to 45gks, Tuna to 40 kgs, Crayfish to 6kgs, Sharks to 35kgs, Mulloway to 50 kgs, Blue Groper to 50 kgs.

The Fish taste beautiful and fresh either whole on the coals or battered (Chris’s marinade special batter which really is Maryanne’s, Chris’s wife, special batter) or lightly floured (Sam Madonna’s recipe) or Panko bread crumbs (Lisa RAH ICU ward clerk recipe) then shallow fried and Mr Lee’s special with shallots and soy sauce.

A pair of happy campers, great catch!
A pair of happy campers, great catch!
A typical dividend from a day on the rods
A typical dividend from a day on the rods

The snapper are fantastic raw using Stan’s (really Stan’s brother Douk’s recipe) and this year we sampled two new dishes. Firstly, Dr Dave’s sexy outré which is a secret but it’s salmon or tuna with a beautiful tomato/avocado salsa and Dr Anne’s raw kingfish and tuna with wasabi and ginger.

Well speaking of food there has been so many fantastic meals at Fowlers, from Ron’s pig on a spit, Leon’s Balsamic Crayfish, Joe’s chicken or Italian fish and chips (in fact Joe and his son Sam have taught me so many cooking tricks) to Chis’ marinade, yer marinade, the best for Lamb on the open coals you could eat. We also can’t forget the salads with Kathy (RAH CTICU ward clerk) salad recipe’s, fantastic. Finally Dan the man forever the most enterprising cook at Fowlers, always requesting the kitchen sink when he goes. When I think there cannot be anything else there is always is with Dan. Dan has cooked Abalone, Fish Lasagne and the Dan Special Omelette for two (13 eggs, yep, 13 eggs as the consistency was not right he told me the next day when I was going to make bacon and eggs for everyone except we ran out of eggs). If I have forgotten anyone, sorry, please write in and tell your story. So forget Jamie Oliver or Master chef the food taste’s so much better at Fowlers combined with a camp fire, clean fresh air and people that enjoy life.

Oh by the way all of our meat and small goods comes from Nick, Rosewater Meats, the best butcher going, fresh is best and cut to your needs.

The skipper shows off his man sized catch
The skipper shows off his man sized catch
Time to reflect on the day's adventures
Time to reflect on the day’s adventures








I’d like to share the video below with everyone which shows just a few takes from our Go-Pro head cameras. All footage is from 2013 and gives a first person perspective on some of the action we come across out at sea while fishing. Enjoy!

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