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2014 / 2015 Fishing Charter Season Wrap Up

Well it’s been a great season so far with plenty to talk about thanks to all who have been fishing with Snapper Safaris this season and hope to see ya all again.

One of the highlights was a visit from Ruth Hardy whom ‘Ruth’s Cottage’ is named after this beautiful lady. It was great to see her looking so well.

Franko’s group was the first to kick off the new boat and this was fitting as Franko, Sam and Jo ( Allan and Steve were missing from the first team) were the first group to start us off at Fowlers in 2007.

The Tuna were on thick and strong with Jo now in his 70s doing well on his first run of Tuna. There is not to many arousing and exciting sounds in South Aus than the strike and run of a Blue Fin Tuna. We had a great time with plenty of Tuna, Snapper , Samson’s, Nannagi and Kingfish.

Fowlers this season has lived up to its reputation with plenty of good fish caught and lost. We certainly had heaps of laughs especially Stevie losing his trousers when hooked to a good Tuna, classic.

Here are some of the photo’s from this season so far.

Thanks for your ongoing support and hope to see ya all again next season.


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