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Fowlers Bay

Fowlers Bay coastline

Sunset at Fowlers Bay with the jetty in the foreground
Sunset at Fowlers Bay

As you explore and experience Fowlers Bay, you will come to understand its beauty, rawness and challenges. Be assured that nature will always win here. You will discover that you must be prepared and respectful as the extreme isolation will not only captivate you but invite you to look within yourself, if you have the courage.

The beauty of this place will reveal itself as you walk on beaches without footprints, listen at night to the Southern Wright Whales frolicking in the bay, watch the thunder and electric storms from the end of the jetty and experience those dreams that all fisherman share in anticipation of a fish of a life time from the reef systems close by. One does feel a sense of being close to history in this place, as most of the area remains unchanged since it was first explored, except for a few roads, a jetty and a population of about 10 people supported by a small shop, a caravan park and a sprinkling of dwellings. Not bad given the ‘Gulden Zeepard’ first sailed into these waters in 1627.

Ocean wildlife includes seal colonies
Ocean wildlife includes seal colonies

We have met some fantastic people here all of whom shared a common goal of appreciation of this place. From the moment you turn left onto the Fowlers Bay road heading west from Ceduna and pass over the last hump on the track heading into Fowlers you will be greeted by the majestic sand dunes that tower over the township. These sand dunes appear to be the protectors of this fragile township in more than just a metaphorical sense.

The sand dunes protect the town from the harsh Southern Ocean, produce water during extreme drought via a unique filtration system, first described by Edward John Eyre. As history has shown the sand dunes have the capacity to engulf the town in order to, one may suggest, cleanse its soul.

Majestic & untouched sand dunes
Majestic & untouched sand dunes

You are invited to explore and enjoy this wonderful place. Loosen up, relax and enjoy the camp fires, storytelling of the locals, with great fishing and the quietness.

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