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Fowlers Bay Shore Based

Shore based fishing in this area can be just as exciting as that experienced offshore. We head off early in the morning, following breakfast, with packed lunches and plenty of water, to fish the surrounding beaches and rock ledges returning to Fowlers in the late afternoon.

To the east of Fowlers is Tuckamore beach which has long deep water gutters that provide anything from large Salmon to monster Mulloway, Gummy Shark and the odd Samson. This beach is an adventure in itself to get to with plenty of gutters to fish.

To the south of Fowlers, within eyesight of the jetty, lies the ‘point’. The rock ledges and beaches along this stretch of coastline can produce massive Tommies (Herring), to monster Kingfish and Snapper, with Salmon being the most frequent.

Catch Salmon on the beach at Fowlers Bay
Nice pair of Salmon
Big haul of Salmon on the beach at Fowlers Bay
The rewards are often plentiful

Just over the sand dunes from Fowlers lies the famous Scott’s beach which is one of the best places to catch Salmon on light tackle. The sand dunes are a photographic opportunity with panoramic views of the jetty and bay with the trip over the dunes being one of the features of this area. Massive schools of Salmon can be encountered at Scott’s with fish ranging from the little trout to 9 kilos. It is not uncommon to find 5 to 7 foot bronze whalers nearby and ‘swimming out a small salmon’ on a balloon will give you a workout. Other fish here are King George Whiting and Mulloway to 15 kilos. We often use our 15 ft fibreglass boat in the western end of Scott’s where Snook, Salmon and Whiting can be caught. It’s also a great place for a swim and a BBQ anytime of the year.

Further west is Mexican Hat, Wandilla, Cabot’s Beach, The Lagoons and the Snook Ground, all offering a variety of fishing opportunities and techniques.

Some 80 Kms to the west is the Dog Fence (North- South Dingo Fence) and a further 50 Kms is the Yalata beaches all famous for monster Mulloway and Snapper caught from the beach.

Shore based fishing in South Australia
Haul in the big ones with Snapper Safaris
Esky full of fish
Don’t forget your Esky!

This is the mecca of beach fishing and an opportunity not to be missed. September to March is the best time here, but we have caught monster Mulloway in May, so it is always a great place to go. The scenery is also fantastic with the sand and water so clean you are tempted to go for a dip. Be warned it is the home of the White Pointer and we have caught many Bronze Whalers very close to the beach here so enter the water with caution if you are game.

The rock and beach fishing all along this coastline is an adventure in itself especially if you have not had any four wheel driving experience.

It’s great fun and the fishing is pretty good as well.

Mulloway caught on the beach at Fowlers Bay
Who said you can’t catch big fish any more?
Catch huge Mulloway on the shore at Fowlers Bay
Another huge Mulloway caught on the beach

Shore based fishing at Fowlers Bay

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