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[VIDEO] Snapper Safaris Four Wheel Drive Adventures

Four Wheel Drive Adventures Fowler's Bay South Australia Big snapper are plentiful in the Great Australian Bight and even though catching plenty of them goes part and parcel with any Snapper Safaris fishing charters, it’s not all we get up to during our travels. If ever bad weather gets in the way of us getting out to sea among the fish, there’s plenty of action to be had by other means. Even if the weather is fine & your just feeling a little tired from hauling in numerous big kilo fish- going on a four wheel drive mission on the land is a great alternative to the high seas.

The remoteness of Fowler’s Bay is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Once we arrive at Ruth’s Cottage there’s often little time to settle in as we tend to focus on getting the boat in the water, anticipating the possibilities of our first catch. Then once we’re out at sea, the land is quickly forgotten in the excitement of reeling in giant sea creatures. When we return at dusk or even after dark, we’re off to bed ready to do the same again the following day. It’s not until we take some time to stop & actually look to our remote environment & consider the land surrounding it.

A 4WD tour of Fowler’s Bay & it’s surroundings is an excellent way to really experience the land & take in what it has to offer. Sand dunes as far as the eye can see lined by endless pristine shore lines that are sure to impress even the most hard to please tourist. As you explore the mostly uninhibited vastness of the coast you’ll experience the inner beauty of the isolation of Fowler’s & how it enables you to disconnect from your everyday life.

Some people power to help the 4WD through a soft patch
Helping the 4WD through a soft patch
Smiles all around after an adventurous day
Smiles all around after an adventurous day






While you’re out thoroughly enjoying yourself, you may as well:

  • Chuck in some rods and a tackle box (there’s always plenty handy) just in case you feel like throwing in a line and taking your chances with beach fishing.
  • Bring the binoculars & your camera so you can take in the isolated scenery and all the serenity it has to offer.
  • Pop a bottle of champagne or whatever you fancy & watch the sun set over the waters of the western horizon.

However the four wheel drive adventures pan out throughout the day, you’ll be feeling great after an easy day cruising around and refreshed ready for more fishing adventures tomorrow. Get some more rest & relaxation around the campfire & enjoy a meal of delicious fresh fish or perhaps a roast of some kind before settling to bed ready for the next early rise!

The road leading to adventure
The road leading to adventure
Fowlers Bay rugged coastline
Fowlers Bay rugged coastline

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