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Snapper Safaris II Arrives at Fowlers

Beach Launch at Fowlers Bay Thanks to Boat Catch

Well our new boat SNAPPER SAFARIS II finally made the long trip to Fowlers Bay at the end of November 2014. Marco (Nautic Star Custom Boat Builder) and Andrew (Nautic Star) came along to check her out and land some fish at the same time. It was a quick overnight trip the boat towed beautifully behind Marco’s F250 ( Yer I had trouble reaching the pedals I will need some sort of led extension for sure boys) thankfully the weather was on our side and after a few hours kip we were on the water heading for De Castro’s reef.

The boat was fantastic cruising at 20 knots for the 60 Kms to De Castro’s reef a beautiful reef system well west of Fowlers. We arrived with perfect conditions light South Easterly allowing the boat to drift along the reef. Andrew was first on using his home made tin lures the Kings absolutely loved um. Marco was using a padanoster drift rig and as we were getting Andrew’s King in Marco’s rod was heading overboard the new style rod holders did the job and to my surprise Marco landed his first King. This 15kg King was heading for the Christmas table so all good. There was a school of Kings following us as we drifted along the reef fantastic fun. Second drift to our surprise we found a school of Samson’s following us Andrew scored again and I was smoked on a blue knife jig too big to stop in shallow water but a thrill for a few minutes.

We left De Castro’s with 2 Kings and 2 Samson’s and headed for the reef systems for a quick couple of drifts. First drift, Snapper for all but as it was Snapper closure so all fish were released unharmed much to Marco’s tears as they were good fish to 7 kgs. Next drift Nannagi for all good fish in perfect condition. Andrew’s home lures were a hit on the reds and Nannagi perfect weight and flash of colour irresistible to the reef dwellers.

Time to head home and see if the old Tractor would pull the boat out of the water on the sand and without missing a beat the old girl did it with ease. Thanks to the BOAT CATCH system ( beach launch and retrieve in soft sand is a piece of cake.

The Nautic Star Custom Boat is fantastic thanks to Marco and his team, also thanks to Mark “Chop” Reid Furuno Electronics, Chris Salt Taylor Marine, Bob and the boys South Coast Marine, Deano Stress Free Marine, Nick Rosewater Meats ( best meat in Sth Aus), Glen Tekspec Print and Web Design, SA Fishing Tackle Agencies, Greg and the team Boat Catch launch and retrieval systems and Svatka who makes sense of the chaos that fishing does bring.

No worries now happy days at Fowlers.

Hope to see ya there soon. Yo

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