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2013 / 2014 Fishing Charter Season Wrap Up

Kind of the flattiesHey guys thanks again for another fantastic year with Snapper Safaris Fishing Charters it has been a blast with heaps of laughs, plenty of good fish, food and stories.

We started off with my Hip Replacement and 3 months of agony. I absolutely take my hat, clothes and everything else off to our elderly folks who have this procedure done it certainly tests ones resilience. We tested the new hip out in some good water chasing Blue Fin tuna near KI in late November and all went well. The fish near KI were really good this year and in good numbers.

Finally back home to Fowlers with Mike, Paul and John, beautiful weather and great fishing again. The Tuna were on straight away with some really good Gro Pro videos. The Gro Pro is a fantastic thing with Stan and Mark using it at Pt Broughton in the early days showing me the way. We fished Fowlers through to late January with all crews doing really well.

Nice catch by Bob!
Nice catch by Bob!
Main Street of Fowler's Bay
Main Street of Fowler’s Bay

February saw us back to Pt Broughton for the mighty Snapper. Early reports were not that good with the fish slow to come up the gulf. Lot’s of thoughts on that from everyone but to my mind with Stan, Mark and Damien not showing the way and blessing the water with a gold coin the fish were not playing the game. Not to worry we thought we would sneak over to Arno Bay for a look and thanks to Ash from Arno Bay Fishing Charters we did really well on good fish. We took a slight detour well east of Arno back to Wallaroo to an old spot that we have not fished for years and sure enough it fired with good fish from 8-12 kg reds every time. We stayed at Broughton during February before returning to Fowlers.

March through to May the fishing at Fowlers was fantastic but the weather did mess us up quite a bit. When we did get out the fishing was fantastic with Brad 2 being the best spot for Samson’s, Kings and Snapper. Some really nasty Mako’s really got the blood flowing these blokes are quick and excellent on the plate for sure.

We had a number of people catching their ‘first’ with Sam, Franko, Mike, John and Paul scoring with Blue Fin Tuna and Bob and Liam getting Samson’s. Liam catch was excellent as Bob was on to a good fish drifting past the reef in heavy seas, Liam spotted his on the sounder and bang straight on to a good Samson. Can’t go past the Furuno hay Mark.

The catch of the year I think was shared by Roy who caught a little flathead on a lure of the beach at Scott’s and Richard who hooked a beautiful gummy only to lose it at the beach but soon after landed a beautiful Bronzie at the Dog Fence.

What a Beauty!
What a Beauty!
Franko with a lovely Bluefin
Franko with a lovely Bluefin

What’s new for this year, well great news boys finally after boring everyone for the last x number of years with stories of a new boat finally Snapper Safaris 2 is coming in December. She is a beauty, have a look at the section on the web site and see what ya think. All we need is a 30 nautical miles unrestricted licence and De Castros reef is on the bucket list. We will check it out in December when the snapper ban is on, map it, then were on. Can’t wait.

Thanks to everyone for your support especially Nick from Rosewater Meats (fantastic meats), Chris for his special marinade, Jacko’s seafood for great bait, Franko, Greeny and Chris for the solar system that makes Fowlers so comfortable, and to my next door neighbours the Gregory’s for great stories and laughs.

Hope to see ya soon boys should be a great year (especially if the mighty Port Power can win the flag) see all ya crazy CAT’S soon. YO.

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